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The European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) offers a process for certification of individuals in CMR.

The aim of this process is to set a European standard for competency in the practice of CMR for the benefit of patients undergoing CMR studies.

Ultimately, the goal is to develop a standard of training in CMR that is mutually accepted by national and European authorities and internationally recognised.

What are the benefits to individuals of obtaining a European certification in cardiovascular magnetic resonance?

  • The goal of certifying individuals is to set a European standard for competency and excellence in CMR acquisition and reporting.

  • Certification in CMR will bring credibility and professional legitimacy to any individual wishing to practice CMR.

  • It gives trainees in CMR the opportunity to test their knowledge against an internationally set standard.

Please note:

Certification of CMR competency by the association is not a compulsory or regulatory certificate and an individual's right to report and sign clinical CMR studies in individual countries remains defined by national laws and regulations.


Levels of certification

Certification of competency in CMR can be obtained at three levels, with different requirements for each level.

All certification requires candidates to demonstrate that they have acquired knowledge from appropriate sources and developed skills in the clinical practice of CMR. Levels 2 and 3 require the completion of a case logbook and passing the European CMR exam.

Please note: With the new fees for the 2017 exam separate fees for logbook submission have been cancelled for good.

Also, for the first time there is a separate - discounted - fee for all who failed in the previous exams and want to resit the exam in 2017.

Please see more information on CMR Certification here:

EACVI is also offering a Preparatory Course to Certification in CMR held 23 March - 25 March 2017 in Sophia Antipolis, France

Organised by EACVI: The course is designed for trainees and consultants, either cardiologists or radiologists that want to get certified in CMR by the EACVI. The EACVI certification is the only process worldwide.

More information and registration see here

Mark Westwood
Chair, European CMR Exam Board

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